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About the Book

A survival guide for the new generation.

Author Ricardo Trinidad gives readers a much-needed hand on the shoulder along with career advice gleaned from years of entrepreneurial success. Readers who may or may not have a compass on how to get ahead in life — discover powerful secrets to landing that perfect job and enjoying meaningful work that adds mileage to their career dreams, and the insight to believe in the one person who makes the most impact on their personal story — themselves.

Anyone reading this book will find creative ways to get the job of their dreams, but as Trinidad expresses it’s important to enter into the spirit of the book with expectations that it will indeed help deliver the “dream” job. This book provides a timely, concise, and easy to follow step-by-step approach for readers to follow.

Furthermore, this book will empower the readers to shift their mindset from a negative narrative through a deep introspection about their current beliefs in themselves and in pursuing a dream job. Motivational strategies and stories are shared with the reader that they can relate to and apply in their own situations.

Trinidad equips the reader with practical tools to stand out and move forward in landing employment. However, thanks to his entrepreneurial sense and business savviness he shares tips that ultimately one can apply in pursuit of creating their own company or business.

If you’re ready to discover new opportunities and seek the finest ways to attain them, this is the book you’ve been looking for.

Book Details:

ISBN #: 978-1-7330635-8-6

Publisher: Fig Factor Media, LLC.

Published Date: January 2020

Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

Pages: 58
Genre: Motivation/ Self-Help
Topics: Education – Business Mentoring – Coaching – Job Hunting


“Ricardo Trinidad has written a book that will serve as a life-changing read to some youth. His contribution will have a positive impact on our communities, for the aggregation of individual achievements translates to more vibrant and cohesive communities.”

– Enrique E. Figueroa, Ph.D., Emeritus, Associate Professor Dept. of Urban Planning University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

“Every young person should hear this message: You can do it! Great accomplishments, however, require hard work, resilience and the sage advice found in 1-2-3 Got My Job. This is required reading in an era when youth is bombarded by commercialism and immediate gratification. Life does not work that way. Trinidad provides an easy-to- read gem; it truly is the book of a generation.”

– Michele Kelly, CEO of K+L Storytellers and published author

“A must-have practical guide for every young person looking to become a valuable resource for any organization as they find their dream job. Ricardo has eloquently shared his best secrets from his many years of experience interviewing hundreds of candidates for his companies.”

– Jacqueline S. Ruiz, entrepreneur, author, pilot