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1-2-3 Got My Job

A guide to get YOU the job of your dreams

123 Got My Job is the Number One Book on how to get the job of your dreams. This book cannot help you get a job as a brain surgeon when you have never been to medical school.  1-2-3 Got My Job will give you the tools to find work that is fulfilling, interesting, and $$$ rewarding.  This book is packed with tactics to help get your foot in the door in to almost industry or job. No other book offers more ways of finding a meaningful rewarding job. Stop wasting your time sending in resumes and start meeting with the right people. 


Ricardo Trinidad

Author, speaker, and Telcom & Data CEO Ricardo Trinidad has been an entrepreneur as long as he can remember. Raised in a working-class family on Chicago’s South Side, his Puerto Rican father and Texan mother led by example through their daily hard work. Trinidad followed suit, “making” jobs for himself to earn extra money.